Dr. Ghevariya's Publications


1) Ghevariya V, Sandar N, Ghevariya N et al. Knowing what’s out there: awareness of non alcoholic fatty liver disease. Frontiers in Gastroenterology March 2014 .   

2) Ghevariya V, Ghevariya N, Aron J. Esophageal Intramural Pseudodiverticulosis. GIE 2013; 79:543.   

3) Ghevariya V, Duddempudi S, Ghevariya N et al. Barriers to screening colonoscopy in an Urban Population: a study to help focus further efforts to attain full compliance. Int. J Colorectal Dis. 2013,28(11):1497-503.   

4) Ghevariya N, Ghevariya V, Anand S. Feeding options in dementia. Practical Gastroenterology June 2012; XXXVII(6):36-40.   

5) Ghevariya V, Malieckal A, Ghevariya N, et al. Carcinoid tumors of gastrointestinal tract. Southern Medical Journal 2009; 102(10): 1032-1040. CME activity.   


1) Ghevariya N, Tanguillan M, Warman J et al. Prevention of Hypoglycemia in Hospitalized Patients. Quality Improvement Project at Brooklyn Hospital January 2014.   

2) Sandar N, Ghevariya V, Patel K, Ghevariya N, et al. Public awareness and attitudes toward NAFLD. Gastroenterology May 2009; 136 S1): T1006. Poster- Digestive Disease Week 2009. – Selected for press release by DDW.  

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